About Us

Welcome to Inspiring Minds Montessori

We love to give your child the best start in life by nurturing the things that interest and inspire them, weaving those things into the standard curriculum to ensure they have the fundamentals required to succeed in school and life while maintaining and furthering their interests.

How we do that

There is a Montessori philosophy and curriculum we adhere to, part of which includes a flexibility to tailor the experience on a 'per child' basis to include their current and expanding interests into the daily activities.

Experienced staff and support

All of our staff are experienced in traditional ECE childcare as well as specialist Montessori training meaning they are passionate and capable of delivering the care and guidance you would expect from a professional preschool.

Meet the team ⬇️

Our facility

Inside the classroom

Painting and craft, reading and writing, science experiments, cooking and cleaning up. The traditional classroom activities are combined with good habits to build well-rounded individuals that will contribute to society in every way.

Outside play

Physical exercise and movement grows healthy bodies and builds their balance, confidence and coordination.

Diverse and Integrated

We are proud to have children from all backgrounds and ethnicities attend Inspiring Minds Montessori. This is a reflection of the varied cultures and people we have in the world and helps expose the learners to customs, food, holidays and practises they may otherwise be unfamiliar with.

Within the centre we have modules to explore:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Christmas
  • Queens Birthday
  • Easter
  • Father Day
  • etc

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Meet the Team

Rihana Lathiff

Postgraduate Certificate in Education(Massey University), Teaching( ECE), Bachelor of Teaching and learning (ECE, University of Canterbury), Diploma of Teaching( ECE), Aperfield Montessori 3-6 Diploma, Diploma in Teaching(science)

Rihana is a fully registered teacher with over 25 years experience, predominantly in teaching and managing both private and community based Montessori early childhood centres in New Zealand.

Her core professional objectives are to promote and create high quality early childhood experiences for children in partnership with staff, community, management and other early childhood leaders.

Alex Martin

Graduate Diploma in primary Teaching(Victoria University of Wellington),Aperfield Montessori Diploma, Bachelor of Arts majoring Education and Criminology(Victoria University of Wellington), Fully Registered.

Phyllis Moody

Bachelor of Early Education( Early Years). London Montessori International (formerly known as St. Nichols Montessori Training, London)

Phyllis had graduated from Te Rito Maioha Early Childhood ( Formerly known asTe Tari Puna Ora O Aotearoa), and is fully registered. She is an experienced Montessori teacher, working in UK and New Zealand. Her co belief is that all children are capable of academic and personal success when they are provided with a good learning platform.

Nynke de Vries

Graduate Diploma of teaching(ECE), Maria Montessori Foundation, New Zealand-AMI(0-3 Orientation Certificate), Bachelor of Health Science(Nursing), Fully Registered.

Coral Reid

Bachelor of teaching(ECE), Fully Registered

Melanie Peeti

Aperfield Montessori Diploma (3-6) 

Melanie is married with two children and also cares for her God son occasionally.

She enjoys music, language and being involved in community service. 

Melanie has volunteered at a Montessori playgroup, worked in two different Montessori centres, and lots of time spent helping and supervising children within community based groups.

Melanie loves to see the children reach their potential, enjoy themselves, problem solving, team work, and look after each other. 

Duangta Rattanachatree (Tukta)

Master of Science ( Georgia State University, USA)

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