Montessori Preschool Environment

Inspiring Minds Montessori provides a rich environment for learning, one that is calm, respectful and fosters independence.

Materials are presented beautifully and in ways that provokes children's interest, thinking and investigatory skills. Children's natural tendencies for creativity, problem solving and self discovery are highly valued, and opportunities to cultivate these tendencies re embedded in the environment.

The fundamental component (main curriculum) of the Montessori Method is the Prepared Environment where children are free to respond to their natural tendencies.  The phrase 'Prepared Environment' refers to a well thought out environment where children have extensive opportunities to learn and explore:

  • Beauty, order, simplicity, reality and accessibility. 
  • Children have the freedom to work (play), move round and interact freely within appropriate guidelines that enable them to be part of a community of learning. 
  • Specially designed material and other activities help them to explore their world, and foster holistic development.  
  • Everything in the environment is child-sized, to foster independence. 
  • A mixed age group (2 ½ -6) encourages all children to develop their personalities socially and intellectually, at their own pace.

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